Welcome To Metasilly

This is Metasilly. If you are still confused I shall clarify why this blog exists.


The concept of this website started when I once started thinking satire and jokes. That was last year. One morning I wrote dozens of shit jokes and I could not stop. Then I added a meta section to the shit jokes and after rereading, editing and sharing the jokes I considered publishing them somehow.

Sometimes to cope in society I have to break away from conventions and do something silly or different. Sure I am a member of society but to sheepishly become part of the sheeple is not enough for me. I do my own thing because life is about more than becoming part of the sheeple.


To share some bits and bobs of silliness and meta-silliness.


I see with my eyes, think with my brains and imagine a world with more silliness.

About the content

The content on this website is both derived from other works and my own work. That means that after growing up in the 1990-ties and overdosing on Pop culture and discovering the internet since the year 2000 some references are traceable to content and media from the past. Everything on this website is shareable and feel free to quote by mentioning this website.

Also Monty Python happened on top of growing up with British comedy. Sometimes what you find here is quirky to say the least and if you do not like or enjoy it, may “Dim of the Yard” be with you. If you feel like commenting please keep it civil and spare me the “dead parrots” and “spam.” I shall remove comments that add nothing to the post or try to advertise non-sense like the “Hungarian phrase book.”

Consider the content under creative commons to celebrate silliness, humour and parody.