About This Website & Author

To learn more about this website check out the post “Welcome to Metasilly.”  This website is my third website on WordPress that is part of my personal projects. I started blogging in 2013 and became serious in 2014. That led to many ideas, much trial and error and this is a next step in that process.

If you want to know why I write what I write and do what I do, I shall explain. First of all I love reading, learning and as a consequence I love writing. A small blog project grew to become a serious blog project and from writing essays I went to less serious texts. In short when Monty Python happens and you start quoting them, well you are destined to become devoted to enjoying a bit of silliness as part of life. In the face of death you can always whistle a tune.

About me, well I am a nerd. I am and always have been a curious person. That meant that everything I found interesting became a short-term or long-term hobby. Thinking of silly things is a long-term hobby and necessity for  me as a chuckle is necessary to cope with everyday life.

In its current state this website is in progress. Expect some changes and much content.

Yours Truly.

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